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HD-DCS patch cable management set 0U

HD-DCS patch cable management set 0U for HD-DCS modular panel


The patch cable management 0U comes in a set of 4 pieces.
Patch cables can be routed easely within the same rack unit of the modular panal.
No additional rack unit needed for patch cable routing.
An appropriate label plate including label cover is part of the set.
The label plate can be fold down during the patching process for additional space.

  • Het rangeerpaneel wordt gebruikt voor de passende geleiding van de patchsnoeren in glasvezel in alle 19” IT racks en kasten.


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473620 HD-DCS patch cable management set 0U32.8 mm x 100 mm x 120.2 mmzwart0.22 kg1 stk.