Tornare a: Standard Wifi5

Outdoor Accesspoints



The outdoor arrays and access points are designed to meet requirements for providing wireless coverage outdoors – for example in playgrounds, campus quads and stadiums.
The hardened array includes software programmable radios (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with two lightning protected type RP-TNC connectors each. External antennas are required.
Main features of outdoor arrays:
– Seamless connectivity for 802.11a/b/g/n devices
– Radios with 2×2 MIMO up to 1.2 Gbit/s
– Dual Core processor with integrated controller
– Operating temperature -40°C to +55°C, IP65 rated, weather and dust sealed
– Software programmable radios operate in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
– Application Control, Bonjour gateway, IDS/IPS, and Cloud or
On-premise management included


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Article No. Magazzino Prodotto Numero di connettoriRaccordo tipo laterale ARaccordo tipo laterale BMontaggioMIMO tipoAngolo di radiazioneFrequenzaA bordo 802.11n cellule radioRadio tipoWave 2Massimo WiFi backhaul collegamentoArray OS sistema operativoMIMO TecnolgiaMIMO streamsGigE porta uplinkBluetooth AecnologicoIntegrato WiFi threat sensoreIntegrato antennasEsterno AntennaAntenna connectorsNumero massimo di utentiIntegrato switch portaMassimo input potenza802.3at PoE+ compatibile802.3af PoE compatibileAntenna gain [2.4 | 5 GHz]3dB Beamwidth Az (H) [2.4 | 5GHz]Peso [kg]
103614 XH2-120 2.4 & 5 GHz 2x2 Wave 1 867 MBit/sintegrato SU-MIMO 2 No Yes 4 max. 2 (esterno ) 4 N-Type 512 2 - 1GbE (1-PoE input) 25.5 WYes No 0 kg
103577 XH2-240 2.4 & 5 GHz 4x4 Wave 2 3.47 GBit/sintegrato SU-MIMO/MU-MIMO 8 2 Yes Yes 16 max. 4 (esterno ) 8 N-Type Female 512 2 - 1GbE (1-PoE input) 25.5 WYes No 2.5 kg