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FO-DCS 3U/7HP MTP plug-in modules, 1x MTP on 6x LCD, OM3

High-performance FO-DCS MTP plug-in modules, 12F, 3U/7HP


Polycarbonate (PC) housing with press-fit side panels (sealed) and polycarbonate (black) or aluminium front panel (1U/7HP).
At the rear these FO-DCS plug-in modules have one MTP coupler which is routed to the front couplers (6x LC duplex) by way of an internal fanout and integrated fibre management.
The black PC front panels provide labelling strips on both sides of the LCD ports for customer-specific printing.
Fixed with two knurled screws (captive).

  • FO-DCS MTP® plug-in modules are suitable for all high-performance applications with duplex signals, particularly in the data centre environment.
    They find modular application in FO-DCS modular panels (19"/1U) or in FO-DCS subracks (19"/3U, 19"/4U).
    They are used to accept pre-assembled MTP trunk cables.
    Packing densities of up to 144 fibres on 3U are achieved with these plug-in modules.
    They are assembled to a very high quality and guarantee optimum values for optical performance (IL/RL).
  • Housing with front panel, equipped with 6 LC duplex adapters (ceramic sleeves).
    Rear fitted with 1 MTP adapter (Type A).
    1 module fanout (High P): 12 fibres, 1x MTP Elite® (female) on 12x LC (ceramic ferrules).
    Delivery inclusive of test reports on fanout.
  • Dimensioni esterne 3 U, 129 mm x 35 mm x 180 mm
  • Fully equipped
  • Fully equipped Yes
  • System FO-DCS
  • Dust protection, backside
  • Dust protection, backside Yes
  • Dust protection, frontside
  • Dust protection, frontside Yes
  • Fibre colour code IEC 60304
  • Laser protection, backside No
  • Laser protection, frontside No
  • Tipologia di fibra G50/125 OM3
  • Adapter colour, front side turquoise
  • Adapter colour, front side turchese
  • Adapter colour, rear side nero
  • Adapter material, front side Polimerico
  • Adattatore, lato anteriore 6 x LCD, turchese (Dust plug)
  • Adattatore, lato posteriore 1 x MTP, nero
  • Adattatore, lato posteriore MTP
  • Tipo di adattatore, lato anteriore LCD
  • Tipo di adattatore, lato posteriore Type A (key up/key down)
  • Connector colour, front side turchese
  • Connector colour, front side turquoise
  • Connector colour, rear side turchese
  • Connector colour, rear side turquoise
  • Connector type, front side LC
  • Connector type, rear side MTP12 female
  • Connettori, lato anteriore 12 x LC/PC 0°
  • Connettori, lato posteriore 1 x MTP12 female Elite PC 0°
  • Ferrule polishing, front side PC 0°
  • Ferrule polishing, rear side Elite PC 0°
  • Insertion loss (IL), maximal, front side 0.25 dB
  • Insertion loss (IL), maximal, rear side 0.3 dB
  • Insertion loss (IL), typical, front side 0.1 dB
  • Insertion loss (IL), typical, rear side 0.15 dB
  • Number of adapters, front side 6
  • Number of adapters, rear side 1
  • Number of connectors, front side 12
  • Number of connectors, rear side 1
  • Number of fanouts (12F) 1
  • Return loss (RL), minimal, back side 30 dB
  • Return loss (RL), minimal, front side 35 dB
  • Return loss (RL), typical, back side 35 dB
  • Return loss (RL), typical, front side 40 dB


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57150600ZY FO-DCS 3U/7HP plug-in module, 1x MTP on 6x LCD, OM3 nero Polycarbonate (PC) 0.3 kg 1 pc. 40393910006384