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RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC) Industrial PUR

Standard version


Datwyler’s patch cords and connection cables Industrial PUR Cat.6A are especially suitable for the harsh, industrial environment. The cable type CU 7702 4P flex Industrial PUR meets additional requirements of the industrial environment like oil resistance and robustness.
Shielded patch cords and connection cables with shielded RJ45 plug on both ends, fitted with an anti-snag boot with latch protection. The cable CU 7702 flex 4P Industrial PUR (Cat.7) offers excellent Next and impedance values due to the individually foil screened pairs (PiMF).
Due to the overall copper braid, the patch cables have an excellent screen performance and are highly flexible.
The pach cords meet all the requirements of Category 6A (IEC) and the limit values stipulated for Class EA cabling links (Channels) for 10GBase-T applications.
Customised adjustments (anti-snag boot, termination, label) are available at short notice.

  • Colore della guaina esterna arancia
  • Materiale della guaina esterna PUR
  • Costruzione di cavi 4x2
  • Zero alogeni nessun gas corrosivo IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2
  • Propagazione della fiamma IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2
  • Cat./Class Cat.6A / Class EA
  • Oil resistance IEC 60811-404, EN 60811-2-1
  • PoE IEEE 802.3at
  • Schermatura schermati
  • GBit\s A 10 Gbit/s
  • Cable type S/FTP
  • Type of connector connection 1 RJ45, anti-snag boot
  • Type of connector connection 2 RJ45, anti-snag boot
  • AWG 26


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoRaccordo tipo laterale ARaccordo tipo laterale BLunghezza (m)Manicotto antipiega a coloriPeso [kg]Unità di imballaggioGTIN
664553 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ450.5 mgrigio0.11 kg1 pc.40393910107654
664558 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ451 mgrigio0.13 kg1 pc.40393910107609
664559 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ451.5 mgrigio0.15 kg1 pc.40393910107593
664560 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ452.0 mgrigio0.17 kg1 pc.40393910107586
664561 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ452.5 mgrigio0.19 kg1 pc.40393910107579
664562 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ453.0 mgrigio0.21 kg1 pc.40393910107562
664564 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ454.0 mgrigio0.26 kg1 pc.40393910107548
664566 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ455.0 mgrigio0.3 kg1 pc.40393910107524
664571 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ457.5 mgrigio0.4 kg1 pc.40393910107470
664576 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ4510.0 mgrigio0.51 kg1 pc.40393910107425
664578 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ4515.0 mgrigio0.72 kg1 pc.40393910107401
664580 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ4520.0 mgrigio0.93 kg1 pc.40393910107388
664582 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ4525.0 mgrigio1.14 kg1 pc.40393910107364
664584 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ4530.0 mgrigio1.35 kg1 pc.40393910107340
664586 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ4540.0 mgrigio1.77 kg1 pc.40393910107326
664588 RJ45 patch cords Cat.6A (IEC)RJ45RJ4550.0 mgrigio2.19 kg1 pc.40393910107302