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Patch panels MGK 12x


Patch panel MGK 12x, shielded


Shielded 10″/1U patch panels for up to 12 PS-GG45 7A modules with Keystone clip and modules with Keystone fitting.
Snap-in modules can be easily fitted into the patch panels.
Unused ports can be covered with blank covers. Front panel light grey, similar to RAL 7035.
Strain relief with tie wrap.
Delivery without modules.

  • Suitable for the following Datwyler modules:
    - PS-GG45 7A 4P shielded
    - RJ45 module KS-T Plus 1/8 Cat.6A shielded
    - RJ45 module KS-TC Plus Cat.6A (IEC), shielded
    - RJ45 module MS-C6A 1/8 Cat.6A 180°-K shielded
    - RJ45 module KU Plus 1/8 Cat.6A unshielded
    - RJ45 module KS-TS 1/8 Cat.6/EA shielded
    - RJ45 module KS-T 1/8 Cat.6/EA shielded
    - RJ45 module KU-T 1/8 Cat.6 / Cat.5e shielded
  • Schermatura schermati
  • Design dritto
  • Caricato / Scaricato Unloaded
  • Numero di porte 12


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Article No.MagazzinoProdottoDimensioni esterneColoreMaterialePeso [kg]Unità di imballaggioGTIN
440044 Patch panel MGK 12x, 10“/1U for 12x modules with Keystone fitting1 U, 44 mm x 254 mm x 160 mmargentoAcciaio inossidabile0.4 kg1 pc.40393910150650