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KS‐T 1/8 tool-less Cat.6/EA

RJ45 module KS-T 1/8 tool-less Cat. 6/EA with dust shutter


Other colours available as accessories sets.
For the transmission of digital and analogue voice-, video- and data signals.
The KS-T RJ45 module exceeds the IEC 60603-7-5 standard’s requirements for Cat.6 connecting hardware up to 250 MHz. It also fulfils all Class EA Channel requirements up to 500 MHz when combined with Cat.7 and Cat.7A data cables. Therefore it is applicable for 10-gigabit Ethernet transmissions in accordance with IEEE 802.3.
Useable for Power over Ethenet Plus (PoE+) corresponding to IEEE 802.3at. Solid zinc die casting housing with mounting clip for installation in Keystone panels and outlets.
Contact spring with phosphor bronze alloy, plated with gold.
For connecting the wires a wire manager is used in combination with two integrated moveable housing wings for tool-less IDC connections. Only for cutting the wires a plane wire cutter is necessary.
The 360° metal shield ensures a durable fully shielded environment.
Strain relief via cable tie.
The module is re-usable.
Potential balancing possibility directly at the module when needed.
With removable black dust shutter.

  • Cabling standards ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173-1, TIA/EIA 568-x
  • Connector standards IEC 60512-99-001, IEC 60603-7-5
  • Schermatura schermati
  • GBit/s A 10 Gbit/s
  • Installation temperature -10 °C - +60 °C
  • Storage temperature -40 °C - +70 °C
  • Operating temperature -20 °C - +60 °C
  • Connection type Conectores de desplazamiento de aislamiento IDC
  • Connection type Connettori a perforazione di isolante IDC
  • Solid copper wire 0.50 (AWG 24) - 0.65 (AWG 22)
  • Stranded copper wire AWG26/7
  • Diameter over Insulation 0.70 mm - 1.40 mm
  • Re-connection for AWG 22, AWG 23 and AWG 24 quando si usa lo stesso filo o un diametro maggiore
  • Re-connection for AWG 22, AWG 23 and AWG 24 cuando se utiliza el mismo o mayor diámetro de alambre
  • Re-usable secondo ISO/IEC 11801 Allegato B


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Article No. Magazzino Prodotto ColorePeso [kg]Unità di imballaggioGTIN / EAN
41806000ZF RJ45 module KS-T 1/8 tool-less Cat.6/EA shielded with dust shutter nero 0.03 kg 12 pcs. 40393910087956