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Recogida de bobinas de cable

The collection of empty cable reels is a service for Datwyler customers and contracting parties. The form below serves only for the collection of Datwyler cable reels when the cable supplied by us has been used and removed.

Please fill in the following form or use our online tool below.
Datwyler cable reels:
reels with burned-in Datwyler indication only!

Diameters Datwyler number
80 cm801….
100 cm802….
120 cm811….
130 cm856….
150 cm820….
200 cm 809….

    * Campo requerido

    We use your data and information solely to process your empty cable reel collection request. We will only pass relevant data and information on to third parties, such as logistics companies, so they can execute the service.
    You can withdraw your consent for processing your data at any time by sending a message to us. In the case of revocation, your data will be deleted immediately.
    Please refer to our Privacy statement for further details.