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Saving energy using intelligent building automation

Datwyler and Envio Systems form a partnership

Now that working from home is no longer mandatory, commercial buildings are being re-occupied after standing empty for months. Concern over the spread of Covid-19 has increased awareness of the role buildings play in the health of the population. Intelligent building management systems which provide accurate and specific data, on indoor air quality for example, can improve the health of visitors, save expense, and boost energy efficiency.

“Right now, it is important for operators of public facilities and business people to know what is happening in their building,” explains Ralf Klotzbücher, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Datwyler IT Infra, and Managing Director of Dätwyler IT Infra GmbH. “In collaboration with Envio Systems, our new partner, we offer our customers in every industry and almost every country a modern building management system which records, analyses and optimises comprehensive data on the state of the building.”

As a vendor and supplier of future-proof IT infrastructures, Datwyler is laying the foundation stone for smart building management as part of the partnership. Based on an intelligent IT infrastructure Envio Systems provides a cloud-based IoT platform which automatically analyses precise data such as temperature, CO2 and atmospheric humidity in real time using artificial intelligence. This means that users are given comprehensive information to make buildings better, healthier and more efficient. Here the spectrum of functionalities ranges from heating, cooling and ventilation through space allocation to lighting. Users can monitor, evaluate and manage all functions via dashboard from any web-enabled device.

“By entering into the partnership with Envio Systems we are strengthening our partner and integrator ecosystem and thus joining our customers in making a contribution towards achieving climate objectives,” says Ralf Klotzbücher. “Using intelligent automation technology can not only save customers a considerable amount of energy, but can also identify and rectify malfunctions more quickly by means of retrievable data and overviews.”