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Cost-effective aggregation of high speed links

Innovative Speed Converter Plug-in Modules from Datwyler

All well-known multimode and single-mode QSFP applications such as SR4, PSM4, PLR4 and FCp can be converted to four duplex channels using the new FO-DCS speed converter plug-in modules from Datwyler. The connectivity of these plug-in modules splits each of the three incoming parallel optic links into four duplex links.

40G- and 100G applications are now a reality in the data centre environment, and higher transmission rates will soon follow. High speed fibre optic links connect the switches to each other as well as to today’s 10G servers and future server generations (25G and 50G). In order to aggregate such links cost-effectively at switch level they have to be split into several duplex links. This requirement is easily met with Datwyler’s new plug-in modules.

At the rear the speed converter plug-in modules available for OM3, OM4 and OS2 have two 12-fibre MTP couplers and route these 24 fibres by way of integrated fanouts to 3 x four duplex ports on the front panel. Due to their high-quality assembly the plug-in modules guarantee optimum optical performance values (IL/RL).

In combination with a FO-DCS converter plug-in module at the other end of a 24-fibre link, for example, three 100G transceivers can be connected simply and securely to 3 x four 25G transceivers.

The speed converter plug-in modules are designed for use in FO-DCS panels and subracks. Packing densities of up to 288 fibres can be achieved on 3U with this type of module. They comprise a robust polycarbonate housing (PC) with press-fit side panels and a 3U/7TE front panel in PC (black) or aluminium. The PC version has two integrated labelling strips for customer-specific printing.