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Rebranding of Datwyler (Thelma) Cables+Systems

Datwyler (Thelma) Cables+Systems Pte Ltd is becoming Datwyler IT Infra Pte. Ltd.

Eythan Lim,
Managing Director,
Datwyler IT Infra Pte. Ltd.

On 1 September 2020 we changed our company name. Datwyler (Thelma) Cables+Systems Pte Ltd is becoming Datwyler IT Infra Pte. Ltd.

As a leading supplier using cutting-edge technology we have been developing and producing premium quality cabling solutions for demanding customers for over 100 years. A long time, which has involved repeated change and will continue to do so – as is happening now.

We can provide more than cabling systems, and this should also be reflected in our company name. The addition of “IT Infra” to our name indicates the transformation which we have been implementing for some years: from a supplier of cables and system solutions to a provider of IT infrastructure solutions for data centres, fibre optic networks and intelligent buildings (data, safety, elevator and escalator) including software and services.

All the existing contracts and agreements with our customers remain unchanged. The address they are familiar with remains unaffected by the rebranding. Their contacts and email addresses stay the same. Our info and finance email and our URL, however, are changing.

We look forward to continuing our fruitful and trusting working relationship with all our customers.