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Managed Services from Datwyler

For more security and efficiency in your company

By expanding the European service portfolio to include managed networks and managed monitoring Datwyler is supporting organisations in being able to concentrate on their core competences.

For managed networks Datwyler provides standardised packages for up to 25 or 75 employees. In addition to this there are customised solutions tailor-made to your requirements. The services include planning, implementation and administration of the network, and they ensure that everything runs smoothly. They also include monitoring services to identify and rectify potential problems at an early stage, and network security solutions to protect from cyber attack.

Datwyler’s Managed Monitoring or Monitoring-as-a-Service enables you to have the IT infrastructure in your organisation monitored around the clock. This means that data relating to the networks, servers, applications and end devices are continually collected and analysed, and potential problems are identified before they can lead to malfunctions.

Datwyler’s team of experts also supply you with detailed reports which help you optimise the performance of your IT infrastructure.

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