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Cable joint for(N)HXCH with concentric conductor


For connecting two Datwyler Keram cable types (N)HXH / (N)HXH CL / (N)HXCH FE180/E30-E60, (N)HXH / (N)HXCH FE180/E90.
The cable joint provides the relevant circuit integrity of the cables.


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Article No.StockProductWeight [kg]
1300319 joint SMHC4 from 16/16 mm² up to 25/16 mm²0.32 kg
1300320 joint SMHC4 from 35/16 mm² up to 50/25 mm²0.43 kg
1300321 joint SMHC4 from 70/35 mm² up to 95/50 mm²0.6 kg
1300322 joint SMHC4 from 120/70 mm² up to 150/70 mm²0.84 kg