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Fibre pigtail 2m

G50/125 OM4


Semi tight buffer, 900 µm
Colours single pigtails: heather violet
Colours sets of pigtails: in accordance with IEC 60304


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Article No.StockProductFibre typeConnector typeWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN
421144 Fibre PigtailG50/125 OM4SC0.05 kg1 pc.40393910162028
421145 Fibre PigtailG50/125 OM4SC0.07 kg1 set40393910162011
422244 Fibre PigtailG50/125 OM4ST0.05 kg1 pc.40393910159028
422245 Fibre PigtailG50/125 OM4ST0.05 kg1 set40393910159011
423348 Fibre PigtailG50/125 OM4LC0.01 kg1 pc.40393910156997
423349 Fibre PigtailG50/125 OM4LC0.04 kg1 set40393910156980
424444 Fibre PigtailG50/125 OM4LSH0.1 kg1 pc.40393910155051