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PLC Fibre Splitter

Mini Module, 900μm

PLC splitter 1:4 mini module


PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) optical splitter is fabricated using silica optical fibres to distribute optical signals from point of presence (PoP) to multiple premise locations.
PLC Splitters provide a cost effective and space saving product suitable to different network requirements.
Thanks to compact size, splitter mini-modules can be utilized in different installation terminals.

  • LAN, WAN & Metro Networks
    Telecommunication Networks
    Passive Optical Networks
    FTTx Networks
  • Storage temperature -40 °C - +85 °C
  • Operating temperature -40 °C - +85 °C
  • Directivity 55 dB
  • Fibre type G.652.D / G.657.A1 / G.657.A2 or customer specified
  • Operating wavelength 1260 - 1650 nm
  • Return loss 55 dB
  • Temperature stability 0.5 dB


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Article No.StockProductConnector typeInsertion lossLoss uniformityPolarization dependent lossWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EANConnector type output
49028000ZY PLC splitter 1:2 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC3.8 dB0.4 dB0.2 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082722SC/APC
49028100ZY PLC splitter 1:4 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC7.1 dB0.6 dB0.2 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082715SC/APC
49028200ZY PLC splitter 1:8 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC10.2 dB0.8 dB0.2 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082708SC/APC
49028300ZY PLC splitter 1:16 mini module, 1.5 mSC/APC13.5 dB1.2 dB0.3 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082692SC/APC
49028400ZY PLC splitter 1:2 mini module, 1.5 mLC/APC3.8 dB0.4 dB0.2 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082685LC/APC
49028500ZY PLC splitter 1:4 mini module, 1.5 mLC/APC7.1 dB0.6 dB0.2 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082678LC/APC
49028700ZY PLC splitter 1:32 mini module, 1.5 mLC/APC16.8 dB1.5 dB0.3 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082654LC/APC
49028600ZY PLC splitter 1:8 mini module, 1.5 m, 1 side10.2 dB0.8 dB0.2 dB0.3 kg1 pc.40393910082661SC/APC