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Fibre distribution box OV-W S

wall mounted

Fibre distribution box OV-W Accessories:
1. Cable entry 2 plates and 2 brush strips
2. Take-up for splice tray
3. Patch panel for 12 x SC-D
4. Patch panel for 48 x SC


For the distribution of the fibre optic backbone cabling to the horizontal cabling.
For splice connections or removable connections.


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Article No.StockProductWeight [kg]Packing unit
416904 FO wall mount distribution box 300 x 300 x 85 mm (unloaded, with splice tray holder)1.5 kg1 pc.
416905 Cable entry with 2 plates and 2 brush strips0.09 kg1 set
416906 Patch panel for 12x SCD0.2 kg1 pc.
416979 Patch panel for 48x SC0.2 kg1 pc.
416989 Patch panel for 48x ST0.4 kg1 pc.
416988 Splice tray take-up0.05 kg4 pcs.