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Splice box OV-E

19‘‘/1 U, E9/125 G.652.D BLO OS2, LCD/PC
with adapters and pigtails


For the termination of fibre optic cables – maximum of 48 fibres.
Loaded with FO adapters, ready for splicing, with prepared pigtails (per 2 m, colour code: Swisscom).
Telescopic, folding drawer with stop.
Shelf for excess tube lengths below the drawer.
Cable mounting plate at the rear.
Splice cassettes are hinged, can be easily folded up.

  • Outer dimensions (HxWxD) 1 U, 42 mm x 482 mm x 250 mm
  • Housing Aluminium, black, extractable drawer with locking mechanism, box allows for depth-adjustable mounting (5 steps, maximum 50 mm)
  • Front plate Aluminium, white
  • Imprint numbers (silk screen printing) on front plate
  • Cable entry rear left and right pre-stamped cable entries and an enclosed breakout cable entry
  • Strain relief by screwed cable gland
  • Capacity up to 48 fibres
  • Labelling strip included yes
  • Mounting set included yes
  • Splice protectors included yes
  • Extractable drawer yes
  • Fold-down drawer yes
  • System OV-E splice
  • Fibre class Singlemode
  • Fibre type E9/125 G.652.D BLO
  • Fibre category OS2
  • Colour code Swisscom
  • Adapter LCD/PC
  • Adapter colour blue
  • Ferrule material Zirconia
  • Insertion loss (IL), maximal 0.25 dB
  • Insertion loss (IL), typical 0.12 dB
  • Return loss (RL), minimal 50 dB
  • Return loss (RL), typical 55 dB
  • Ferrule polishing PC 0°
  • Splice box with
    - one straight cable entrie (2 x M15 + 1 x M20)
    - one breakout cable entry
    - coloured pigtails with measurement report
    - FO adapters, fastened by screws
    - complete splicing set with crimp splice protection
    - labelling strip, 410 mm
    - M6 mounting set


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Article No. Stock Product Colour (Frontplate)Number of adaptersAdapter orientationPigtailsWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EAN
41516002ZY Splice box OV-E 6xLCD/PC silver 6 offset horizontal 12 x LC 2.4 kg 1 pc. 40393910013658
41516402ZY Splice box OV-E 12xLCD/PC silver 12 offset horizontal 24 x LC 2.54 kg 1 pc. 40393910013573
41516802ZY Splice box OV-E 24xLCD/PC silver 24 offset horizontal 48 x LC 2.76 kg 1 pc. 40393910013498
Variants on request.