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CU-DCS 3U/7HP plug-in-modules, 6x RJ45

for FO-DCS modular subracks / panels

3U/7HP Plug-in module for 6 RJ45 Keystone modules, black.


3U/7HP Plug-in modules for 6 RJ45 Keystone modules.
These plug-in modules find modular application in FO-DCS modular panels (19″/1U) or in FO-DCS subracks (19″/3U, 19″/4U).
Packing densities of up to 72 ports on 3U are achieved with these plug-in modules.
Colours: aluminium silver or black.


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Article No.StockProductColourMaterialWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN
440046 Plug-in module for 6x RJ45 Keystone module (without modules)silverAluminium0.25 kg1 pc.40393910150643
440055 Plug-in module for 6x RJ45 Keystone module (without modules)black0.29 kg1 pc.40393910150575
440059 Labelling strip for Plug-in module1 pc.40393910150537